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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Here we are in 2022, two years after the first round of COVID-19 and truth be told, we are still in the same situation. However, we have learned to live through it and protect ourselves with vaccines, boosters, masks and social distancing.

Travel has opened back up with close to pre-covid numbers, I can attest to that as I traveled to Los Angeles recently. Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport is so spacious and beautiful that even if there are millions of travelers, you don’t feel like it’s overly crowded, but LAX is going through a remodel and it was so crowded, it felt like chaos with many not wearing masks! Anyhoooo, my friends said, “You can’t go to LA and not visit the Santa Monica Pier!” So, you know I had to go with my mom, sister and a great friend, we braved the crowds of beach goers and tourists.

The iconic Santa Monica Beach is only 3.5 miles long with 245 acres of sand. The area is full of shopping, restaurants, rides, souvenirs and more. The blue water of the pacific ocean against the looming mountains in the background was so majestic that I could only think of the Maker of All Things! Though not the official end of the famous Route 66, it is symbolic and the true end of the trail is within a 9 block walk. The weather was a cool 78-80 degrees in mid-June and it was a gorgeous day to see the sights! All Photo Credits: Twanda Black

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