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March was an extraordinary month for me. I traveled to Australia to see my son and it was amazing! First let me say, if you are squeemish about being in a cramped plane for hours, this is not the thing for you! It was a 23 hour flight in all and I lost a day! (left on Saturday-arrived on

Monday) Babies crying, toddlers screaming, folks snoring and I won't even talk about the smells! LOL!  I flew from Atlanta to Los Angeles, From LA to Sydney From Sydney to Adelaide in the Southern Territory of Australia. I think I like traveling with a partner a bit better, because two heads are better than one when you're trying to navigate the airports. 

I arrived worn out, but feeling the sunshine and breathing clean air in Adelaide gave me a second wind! I arrived at the Pullman Hotel to a very friendly french concierge named Jean, who came to Adelaide more than 10 years ago to follow true love. The true love faded but he loved Adelaide so much, he stayed! I settled in and called my son for dinner, I hadn't seen him in nearly 2 years, so you know I was excited. Not only is he handsome but he has grown into this interesting young man with his own opinions, style and ideas.

I arrived smack in the middle of festivals for city; the Fringe Festival, The Writers Conference and the WOMAdelaide 4 day world music festival, so there were folks everywhere and from all over the world. Everyone I met, said it's a ghost town for all the other months of the year, but it still didn't compare to the crowds we get at any given concert here in the states, I was very comfortable.

The outside mall was a block from my hotel so I got my walk and shop in daily. There was entertainment throughout the day with friendly people eating and enjoying the beautiful weather. The temperature ranged between the 80's and low 90's daily, not one day of rain! The weather is a reversal of weather in the Atl, it was summer time in march and winter will arrive in our summer months.

I visited the Cleland Wildlife Center with my new friend Nicole and fed the kangaroos, the koalas were on lockdown because of an outbreak of chlamydia.

I strolled the board walk of the Glenlg  Beach, where the water was so clear and beautiful, I wanted to jump right in. The Circus Afrique was awesome with acts that included no animals but lots of color and ooohs and ahhhhs over their antics. Aussie's are serious about their food, the restaurants are relaxed and the food is fabulous, but be careful, the sunny side up egg on my hamburger did not go over well nor the beetroot! LOL!  Hey...I managed and I found a deli that made my food the way I liked it, I was there practically everyday for breakfast and lunch. The seafood was so fresh, it actually tasted different to me- it was delish!

I met refugees from Afghanistan, Syria,Persia, all who came to Adelaide some 10-20 years ago, these were my Uber drivers.I tried to tip the servers and everybody said no thanks, we make a living wage- I was stunned!  I saw one police officer in the two weeks I was there, I saw one homeless guy and the city was clean. One day of the week was a holiday for the horse races- really, an entire city off for the races? I love it!  And everyone was going somewhere to relax and enjoy their time off. The amazing thing about the people of Adelaide was that they loved my American accent and no one was in a hurry! We are trying to run folks over just going to the grocery store! My drivers actually drove the speed limit, when I was walking, it was leisurely and nobody was walking on the back of my heels. Folks took time and enjoyed their meals and the company they were keeping. I loved the slower pace- I got to breathe for two weeks and then I woke up!  Back to the ATL and the grind! 

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Did you say this too? This is my year! Well I pray you mean it. Every year we make great plans and visualize how wonderful it will be when we accomplish them. I don’t make new year resolutions anymore, I set goals (like there’s a difference), I have accomplished some but not all because life gets in the way during the year, not mention I get lazy in the middle. So what am I going to do differently this year? Probably not much to be honest-lol, but I am going to give it my best. My goals are attainable and timely, I want to go back to school for my masters and possibly a doctorate, but I haven’t found funds to do so. Is there any money for folks younger than 65 and older than.....well just older, college is expensive! Check back for me, I’m going to make a move soon.

My next goal is to travel to Australia to see my son. The flights are outrageous and I have to take my mom with me, (trying to love her even more in her latter years), it’s awesome that I always say to God, “Well Lord, if you want me to go, you’ll provide the moolah” and He always does it for me. So I’m looking forward to going down under, my son loves it there. My last goal is to do voice over for a movie, I have no idea how this will happen, but what I do know is that this life is about relationships, every bit of it and we used to say there is only six degrees of separation, but today there are only 3, maybe 1 with social media. So I’ve already began the work of accomplishing my goals, I hope you are too! Now to get to work, write your goals down and place them where you can see them everyday, work out the path you might take, plan A and plan B, maybe C too, you never know. If Life takes a chunk out of you, deal with your issues and get back to your journey, You are Worth it! I’m paraphrasing a saying that the grave yard is rich with gifts, ideas and talents unused, let’s use every bit of what God has given you.

God Bless You this year! Now Go Get It!

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I was introduced to this phenomenal inspired artists from Barbados during her national awards debut at Season 10 of The Prayze Factor People's Choice Awards where she took home Best International Song of the Year (So Amazing). I'm elated to share it with you...