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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The Clear Blue Water is Calling My Name! However...

My hubby and I wanted a quick getaway, perhaps a short little jaunt down to the Caribbean for the weekend, however as a travel consultant, I always check the travel advisories on

Travel.State.Gov. And it’s a no-go for us as almost every place is in a Level 3 category -Reconsider Travel because of increased covid-19 cases or Level 4-Do Not Travel.

The other categories are Level 1-Exercise Normal Precautions and Level 2-Exercise Increased Caution. This site has so much information for the traveler, whether it’s local or international, there is a Travel Advisory for you. It includes information on vaccines; covid-19, facts about passports, and entry, exit and visa documents. You can also find information on the country you want to visit including health & wealth, travel and transportation, embassies and consulates. Here’s what’s under Learn Before You Go:

Be a smart traveler and know before you go. Make the best decisions you can for you and your family, I’d hate to hear about you stuck in a foreign land or on a cruise ship afloat in the ocean! In the current environment a little research can save your life!

Travel.State.Gov IG:The_Real_Twanda­­_B FB: Twanda Black

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