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Well here we are in 2021,mostly in the same place as 2020-At The House! I had 3 wonderful trips planned last year and like everyone else, I am jonesing to get to out to anywhere except here! Until we have the all clear and we feel safe to get on a plane or cruise ship, my suggestion is to look in your own backyard!

I’ve found the hotel industry is waiting for you with great specials and amenities and they are following strict covid-19 regulations. Need a weekend away from a million Zoom meetings? Hide out in a luxurious or rustic cabin in the mountains. How about a condo on the beach, even though it’s winter, it’s not freezing everywhere. You and your honey can vacation privately for a weekend getaway, no worries about crowds and social distancing because it’s room service, nice fluffy pillows, a good book, big screen tv and the best rest ever!

There are some resorts in the Caribbean open and ready for service, however getting there may be an issue if you’re not ready to fly. However, it’s now federal law that all passengers wear a mask at all times throughout the flight including boarding and deplaning and in the airport and during public transit. You have to decide on your comfort level.

Another way to get out of the house is to rent a recreational vehicle (RV) and hit the road! There are so many national parks where you can park your RV and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your family.

Don’t forget about Airbnb and VRBO- you can find some great deals there as well and they are everywhere! Do your research and see what’s out there and don’t be afraid to negotiate, the industry is suffering because of the pandemic. It’s being predicted that is may be another year or two before international travel is back to normal, so let’s get out and enjoy our own city and the areas around us!

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